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Chairman's Desk

Being in this business for almost 4 decades now, I firmly believe that networking one of the most important elements on which any business can have miracles. This can be backed up with strong ethical standards and a straight forward approach. The world is shrinking and one needs to be super-sensitive towards not only the macro factors but more importantly towards micro factors, because small things makes great differences and can leave a long-lasting impression. We are placing greater emphasis on sound governance, which we believes crucial to long term success, in today’s business era services excellence entails professional management of relationships, products knowledge, ability to provide customized solutions. It calls for having right products, efficient processes and providing comfort and convenience to our customers. Despite of all hardship and challenges to our economy, I am confident that Bindal Exports Limited continues on a growth trajectory and the team is fully geared to respond to the challenges coming on the way, we are forward looking and remain committed to thinking beyond today. We will make all endeavors to provide best in class product to our valued customers. We stay committed to serving and safeguarding the rights of our stakeholders. Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the commitment, dedication and hard work of our Board of Directors and employees.

Our motto is to maintain a robust and highly ethical organisation, with a pay-back attitude towards environment & society through innovative techniques and procedures. This might lead to wind of changes, which will not only help us to contribute to the nation but also a little contribution can be made to the Industry, worldwide, by raising its standards and imparting new methods of doing business in more profitable manner.