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Competitive Strengths


Experienced Management Team

Our Promoter, Shri Ravindra Arya who also serves as Chairman and Managing Director looks after overall management of the Company and has more than three decades of experience in the field of textile industry. Further, our company is managed by qualified and experienced personnel who are well versed with our industry and the business undertaken by our Company. We believe that our management team’s experience and their understanding of the textiles industry will enable us to take advantage of future market opportunities thus expanding our business horizons.



Quality Assurance

We believe that quality of products plays an instrumental role in our industry. Our Company has the practice of checking the products for quality assurance before they are dispatched to the customers and our Company has a separate quality control department which looks after the quality, strength and the durability of the products. Also the raw materials such as Grey Fabric is checked and inspected before it is sent to processing thus ensuring quality assurance from the initial stages.


Corelation with our Group Company

With respect to manufactured fabrics, our Company procures grey cloth and outsource the manufacturing job. The processed fabric is then sold by us to customers. A substantial portion of manufacturing is done by our group Company M/s. Bindal Silk Mills Private Limited ensuring quality and timely delivery.


Marketing Team

Our company has well established marketing set up for creating sound market for our products in domestic as well as overseas market. Our Company’s Exports marketing department is headed by Ravindrakumar Arya and Pyarelal Agarwal who have considerable years of experience in the field of Textiles - sales and marketing. Domestic Marketing is handled by Anupam Arya, Executive Director who has marketing expertise. Our Company’s marketing team develops and maintains cordial relations with our customers by continuously following-up with the existing customers and approaching new customers.


Locational Advantage

Our company is located in Surat which is considered as Textile Hub of the Country and enjoys sound domestic market for availability of raw materials and finished products. Thus, procurement of raw materials is less time consuming and comparatively cheaper.


Scalable Business Model

Our Business model is customer centric and order driven, and requires optimum utilization of our existing facilities, assuring quality supply of raw materials and achieving consequent economies of scale. The business scale generation is basically due to development of new markets both domestic and international by exploring marketing expertise and by maintaining the consistent quality output. We believe that our business model is scalable.